Saturday, 4 December 2010

shit you don't need

I'm tired. probably because I need to let it all out from time to time and get rid of all the shit accumulated from past months. December is the perfect time to do so.

Lately I've felt uncomfortable, with people, with the places I normally visit (real and virtual ones). I feel intoxicated by this city and all I can think is running away from it all, try to escape. practically the motivations of my life, at this moment are all focused on change: change of career, change of people around me, change of city... because I'm not happy.

Also, there is something that upsets me but I won't share that here because I don't think it is the proper place and will let that out in a different way. In the end, this year was great, full of challenges, lessons and growth and all of those things let me to this point: I'm ready to take a big step, make a big change. So, that's why 2011 has to be a tough year but in the end, must be filled with satisfactions for me. I don't like to sound this optimistic, but it all is conspiring for me to make it and I won't let you or anyone bring me down just because I don't need nobody's approval (just as I looked for months ago).

I don't need somebody else's shit, it is enough with life, I guess that's the big lesson. I guess I'm happy, it is just that I'm not comfortable dealing with certain things that started to affect me and dealing with that is such a process... I might be ok in a week or two.

(got carried away and changed the topic in the end, get used to it).

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