Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hell of a year

Ok, time to look back. Will post what was worth it, the rest is not necessary.

Family's fine. It is great to call a year that didn't have much drama and got us together again, just like the old days. :)

Friends are worth it. One of the best things of this year was to share lots of beautiful things with my small troop: Diana, Chrys, Andrés, Sofi, Iván, Adri and Bárbara. You guys rock, you guys are awesome and I love you.

I have to make a special mention to Federico, in spite of it all, you're a great person and you've given me so much, I'm glad you're my friend, over all, in spite of everything.

Work. Lots of it. I feel fine in this aspect, got to learn so much, met new people, tried lots of things, found out what I do not want to become in my career, discovered new opportunities, opened new doors, closed some others and got to get all I wanted.

I like getting what I want, it encourages me to do bigger things, no matter what the other people think or say, I do what I want. I guess that's the main purpose on 2011, keep on doing what I please.

2010 was hell of a year.

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