Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blame the writer's block

Absolutely hate this situation I'm going through. I don't want to write, I just find myself completely lazy about it. I'm even lazy about writing this down but I made myself promise that I wouldn't let lazyness win the battle and here I am.

I guess it has to do with an episode of writer's block related to the fact that I already write too much at work and get home tired about seeing letters all around. Probably.
It also has to do that I've got so many ideas and still can't find the way to write them down so people don't start judging and misunderstanding them. Impossible.
or maybe it is that I lost practice and I don't dare to admit it. True.

I guess those three things make me feel lazy about writing, I want to bring back my musical blog, without pretentious ideas, I just want because I like to write down my impressions on music, not because I consider myself a guru. If I was a guru, I wouldn't be here sharing my thoughts. That's another thing that stops me from writing. People take TOO seriously the things you say. To that I answer: man, you gotta be kidding. People can say anything they want, you can share your opinion, discuss and all that stuff but don't give it such relevance to a post in a blog, go on with your life and let the world be. There's always an option: close the window, unfollow or just stop reading and skip such "annoying" post.

Back to the topic of this post: writing. yeah i want to write, share lots of stuff I have in my delicious account, discuss with you on life and stupid things such as Justin Bieber or anything like that. I hope I get the impulse on writing my neurones down.

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Juankmu said...

You should take a rest. Just like Me

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